Why You Need an Herb Grinder for Cannabis

Herb Grinder


Herbs are well known for their distinctive flavor, fragrance and therapeutic qualities. Extensively used in culinary, medical and holy purposes, herbs originally occur in the form of foliage, roots, seeds, kernels, fruit, and bark. You have to grind them to include them in your cuisine, medical preparation, or even for holy purposes. This is where an herb grinder steps in.

Nowadays, the medicinal use of cannabis, one of the most unpopular plants across the globe, is on the rise. Though marijuana has been an active part of medicine in some cultures, it has not been used in the US until a law legalized the use of medical cannabis throughout many states. The medical marijuana industry is also grown widely, and some states have also legalized the athletic use of cannabis.

As an ascending number of patients use cannabis for medicinal purposes, there is also an increasing demand for a superior quality herb grinder to make the medicines. There are numerous reasons why an excellent spice grinder is a crucial instrument for cannabis patients.

Below are some of the advantages of using an herb grinder:


  1. Employing an herb grinder augments the exterior parts of the cannabis buds.

This is helpful for some fundamental reasons. The increase in the buds’ surface area helps in making the medication more effective regardless of the manner in which it is consumed. For example, for those consuming it through smoking, employing a spice grinder can assist in generating a soft consistency, as it makes the buds more productive. It is advisable to finely ground the herbs to facilitate digestion. Also, using an herb grinder increases the lifespan of your medicines.

  1. Maintains the effectiveness of the medication

While preparing your medicines manually, most of the important compounds are either lost or damaged, and you are left with less powerful medicines. You can easily overcome this with the use of a good quality grinder. Most of the superior grinders available today are well-equipped with a built-in ‘pollen catcher’. Most grinders comprise of four chambers, which enable better filtration and help in the accumulation of the important compounds.

  1. Different Types of Grinders

Grinders are available in different materials, like zinc, aluminum, alloy, plastic or wood. They can either be manually or battery or electrically operated. The blades or teeth of a grinder are manufactured using a strong metal to enable them to chop hard things easily.

Nevertheless, some low-cost medical marijuana grinders have found out to leave a residue of aluminum flakes. Therefore, it‘s always wise to put in some efforts and do a meticulous research prior to purchasing a low-quality spice grinder. You can go for a slightly expensive grinder with built-in cleaning system to avoid this problem.

So these are some of the advantages of using a superior quality herb grinder. Although the primary purpose of these crushers is grinding cannabis, they can also be effectively used as tobacco grinders or spice mills.

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