Top 15 Resources to Get Free Books Online

The best of books can be taken from the Internet today without paying a cent. This is great news for all who want to keep their minds scintillated. Free books can be easily secured from the web via various means and tools that come free or at low cost which is worth every cent and effort.

Get Your Books Online

Getting Online Books Free

An avid reader would not hesitate to grab their hands on good books, whether in physical hardcopy or digital softcopy.

1) Free books websites

A lot of well managed book sites offer free books to encourage more readers while promoting character and moral values development through their wide range of topics and genres.

2) Free audio book downloads

The Internet offers many websites that offer free audio books that are set in MP3, M4B and OGG formats for the convenience of web readers.

3) Specialized book sites

Different book sites on the Internet cater to different walks of life. Free books online is not only found in English, but come in French, Spanish and German as well as other languages depending on request and demand.

4) Kids’ books websites

Parents would be delighted to discover good online free books websites for their children who can read. Favorite story books on fairy tales can be read off the web to occupy the child proactively.

5) Poetry and Poems

Poetry lovers would enjoy the plethora of poetry works from inspired poets who put up their best works on the Internet.

6) Internet Archive

This public online catalog site offers free audio books and poetry works using author name or book title in MP3 or OGG format. Either format can be converted using Freemake’s Free Audio Converter.

7) Audible

This is a specially setup audio book service by the popular with a huge choice of free audio books ranging from fiction to facts. Although it is a paid subscription system, it offers free registrations from time to time for a trial period. Modern or classic audio books of high quality are available on mobile devices.


A public domain website on a variety of genre e-books to delight readers from all walks of life.

9) LibriVox

Free books in audio format in OGG and MP3 options with full book download possible.

10) PodioBooks

This site allows audio books downloaded to iPod, iPad or iPhone using iTunes podcasts.

11) Open Culture

This website for free audio books offers many titles from various resources, including YouTube, Audible and iTunes with free MP3 downloads which are uploaded on public domain.

12) Project Gutenberg

This is a huge online public library with over 42,000 free audio books and e-books from all over the globe with audio books categorized under human or computer reading.

13) Educational Technology Clearinghouse

This site collects and publishes audio books for children in MP3 download with PDF transcripts.

14) Free Classic Audio Books

Classic English books can be downloaded in MP3 or M4B formats for free.

 15) ThoughtAudio

This site allows downloads by the chapter without a full book.

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