Top 10 Tips to Get Free Books Online

Free Books

If you don’t know it already, here’s good news for avid readers. There are just so many free books available online that you can save yourself thousands of dollars by simply being in the right place at the right time!

While looking for fiction, academic material, poetry, non-fiction, travelogues, history, philosophy or whatever you’re interested in, you’re really spoiled for choice. Free books are available all over the Internet. Traditional brick and mortar bookstores are on the decline and many of them are switching to online formats. Internet bookshops are mushrooming by the thousands and most of them are genuine enterprises. Loyal Books is a great place to find what you’re looking for.

But, keep some tips in mind.

1. Select the right site. Ensure that you download only from reputable and reliable sites. Some sites could use your private data for nefarious purposes, others could put you on their mailing lists or newsletter lists. Many sites offer pirated books or inappropriate content.

2. Ensure that your personal data is protected. There are many websites that mine your personal information such as bank details, date of birth, credit card details and phone numbers and sell them to fraudulent operators. Keep in close touch with your bank and don’t trust on-line requests for passwords or PIN numbers. Change your on-line banking password frequently.

3. Check compatibility. If you’re buying an ebook or an audio book, ensure that your personal devices are compatible with the kind of format that is offered. Some ebook services like Project Gutenberg offer dozens of different formats, but others may not have these facilities.

4. Out-of-copyright books are usually free to download. Anything written before 1923 is in the public domain. However, expensive classic editions specially bound in leather or parchment are available at a cost.

5. Typically, an on-line bookseller may offer special deals and discount on used books. Sometimes, you can avail yourself of the $0.00 offers available on certain categories of books.

6. If you find free books that you want, grab them immediately! You may not find this offer again. Prices and availability could change quickly.

7. Swapping books is also a great way to get free books. It’s more economical to share expensive books rather than purchase them.

8. Most on-line booksellers have strict policies regarding returns. They usually specify that a book should be returned within a prescribed limit and in the same condition that it was received in.

9. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you take up a free book offer. You may need to be above 18 years to make a transaction online. It may be bundled with another offer or you may have to make a purchase before availing this offer. Shipping may sometimes be more expensive than the cost of the book itself!

10. If you’re gifting a free book, make sure that it can be delivered to that address. Otherwise, you may have to take delivery yourself and hand it over later.



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