Top 10 List of Justin Biebar Songs You Should Hear

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous Canadian singer that are alive today. He is one guy who has been able to communicate with the younger people and his fan base is largely made up of young females. His music has got very easy to remember rhyme schemes as well as phrases which make his fans go wild as he performs or by simply listening to his music. The music he does seem to really connect with his fans as it seems as if the things he says come straight from the heart.

Justin Bieber is one guy who is able to really sneak in some tunes that are truly clever. The phrases that are heard within his songs have been able to elevate him beyond the teen idol standard and today he is more of an overall name in the entertainment industry. He has guts and some of the words that are included in his songs bear witness to this fact.

Justin is still very young in his career and we still have a lot to anticipate and look forward from him. He has been able to drop so many declarations in the form of lyrics. He celebrates women in his songs in such a profound way that the music will just keep you entertained. In some of the songs, he also expresses some concern regarding the problems that are in today’s world. In some of the lyrics, he muses over the relationship that he had with the celebrity, Selena Gomez.

The songs that he does are totally therapeutic and it is these songs that connect Justin Bieber in such a unique manner with all his fans all over the world.

Justin Bieber can actually be considered as the greatest success story during this internet age. Here is a guy who has been able to smash records before he even got to puberty. He is a young man, having been born in the year 1994. He has a sweet voice. He hit the limelight when his mother uploaded videos where he was singing R&B covers. This was soon followed by a contract with Usher. He got a lot of success on the charts as well as platinum albums. Worldwide, Bieber fever broke loose. He was followed closely on social media. Bieber products also emerged.

We all love this young man and his music is something that keeps us entertained. Some of the must hear songs include:

  1. Baby- definitely one of his biggest hits. It is cool and this is a style that gets you moving.
  2. As long as you love me- this is yet another big hit. You will have to agree with me that this is a very melodious song and the video is really good too.
  3. Boyfriend- one of Bieber’s best songs ever. This is one great pop song.
  4. Never say never- this is a song that adds strength and confidence in all his fans. This is a great song for boosting your mood, so as to be cheerful or happy.
  5. Beauty and a beat- another awesome song where Nicki Minaj raps. This is a little new for Bieber but it is still awesome.
  6. Love me- this song is among his best and you never get bored listening to it.
  7. Eenie Meenie- Sean Kingston also features in the song. It is a very cool song.
  8. One less lonely girl- this is a great song even though singing along is a bit tricky.
  9. Somebody to Love- this is a favorite for many.
  10. Pray- this is another one that is great to listen to. It is encouraging and totally inspiring.

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