Say “Yes” to Bitter Herbs for a Better Health

Biter herbs

Bitter herbs roll your tongue back. But when you get to know what these herbs can do for you, you will absolutely love them. Bitter melon (Momordicacharantia), also known as bitter gourd, is a very common bitter food used in Asia and West Indies. Bitter gourd helps to treat and alleviate the symptoms of numerous digestive tract disorders. When it is used in cooking along with other ingredients, it gives a subtle surprise by converting its bitter taste to an appetizing one. In this article, you will get to know the wonder bitter herbs can offer when used in an appropriate manner.

What are Bitter Herbs?

Bitter herbs, such as the Bitter melon, are grown in tropical regions like Asia, Amazon, and Caribbean, where they are used as food as well as medicines.  Bitter melon grows as a slender and creeping vine, and its fruit looks like a warty cucumber. It is named as Momordica, which means “to bite.” Each and every part of this herbal plant has a bitter taste. The bitterness of this plant is brought by its components like glucosinolates, isocyanates, phenols, isoflavones, saponins, etc.

Studies have shown that Bitter melon has the capacity to reduce the blood sugar level due to the presence of beta-sitosterol-d-glucoside. Also, it helps to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Once you get accustomed with its bitterness, you will start finding it tasty as well.


Uses of Bitter Herbs

Bitter herbs have rich properties and natural chemicals that make our digestive system functions very well. They help to produce digestive juices and release the stored bile which is necessary for the digestion of fat and sugar metabolism. Researchers have found out that all parts of bitter herbs are helpful.

Studies have shown that the fruit and seeds of bitter herbs help to reduce the level of cholesterol drastically and are also highly effective to fight against numerous viruses.  There are several bitter herbs such as dandelion, chamomile and much more which help in controlling several diseases. Some of them even cure troublesome ailments.

Moreover, they help in reducing the serum cholesterol and uric acid. The green parts of a dandelion plant are highly rich in vitamin A. They also consist of a high amount of vitamin B, C, and D as compared to the presence of vitamins in other vegetables. The leaves of a dandelion act as a diuretic, which helps in removing the excess water from the body without reducing the quantity of potassium. People have been using dandelion roots to cure jaundice (yellow fever) since the ancient time. Chamomile herb is scientifically proven for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial qualities. It acts as the sedative and also has other dermatological properties.

One of the bitterest plants is the Gentian root, which acts almost on all the glands and digestive organs.Most bitter herbs balance the function of the thyroid glands and are considered to be the best medicine for diabetes.

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