Marine Experience of a Lifetime – Swim With Dolphins at Dolphin Cove, Jamaica!

If you’ve watched and loved the Dolphin Cove series on TV, you’ll be excited to know that you can live out your marine fantasy in real life too! Dolphin Cove, Jamaica is a marine theme park where visitors can interact with these delightful sea-creatures in their natural environment. Before going to know more about this everybody should know much more about Jamaica for the advantage of staying there. See more from Wikipedia

Founded in 2001, this is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions, loved by both local and international tourists. What makes it so popular is that you touch base with sharks and stingrays, besides dolphins, in the sea and not in some artificially created tank/pool.

Surrounded by vast stretches of rich tropical forest, Dolphin Cove, Jamaica is where the entire family has something interesting, exciting and fun to do. Going with a large group definitely, adds to the experience.

The dolphins are well-trained, born in captivity in Cuba and completely adjusted to humans. Safety is also of prime importance here.

Dolphin cove

Top Attractions

There’s plenty to do here. The entrance fees include:

  • Sea-trekking/snorkeling with dolphins and stingrays.
  • Enjoy land-animals too.
  • Jungle safari to watch various birds, reptiles, and spiders.
  • Experience the lush flora and fauna of Jamaica.
  • Explore the coast in glass bottom boats.
  • Kayaking.
  • Jungle Trail walks to see snakes and iguanas.
  • Laugh your head off at the Shark Show.
  • Chill on the pristine white sand beaches.
  • Complimentary deck chairs to watch the shows.
  • Food and drink are not included and will cost extra.

The best part of the activities at Dolphin Cove, Jamaica is that you can choose your level of interaction. Kids and those who prefer to take things slowly can start by touching the animals and slowly progress to dancing, swimming in the open sea or playing games with them. The “Encounter” format is available for kids and the less adventurous.


Adults aged 12-99: USD 86.90

Children aged 6-12: USD 32.99

Infants and children under 6: Free

These options are charged extra:

  • Swim, feed, hold, touch and play with dolphins and Caribbean sharks.
  • You can join the trainers as they put these amazing creatures through their paces.
  • Be Sea Keeper for a day and try training a dolphin.
  • Camel rides.
  • Encounter.
  • Ultimate Swim.

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What to Bring

  • Swim-wear, sunglasses, towels.
  • Extra money for souvenirs, snacks.
  • Only biodegradable sunblock and moisturizer but don’t use any if you plan to swim.

No jewelry or sharp items which may hurt the creatures



There are two Dolphin Cove Jamaica locations.

  • A 5-Acre property at Belmont Road Ocho Rios, St Ann
  • A 20-Acre property at Negril Point, Lucea, Hanover.

Special Offers

Dolphin cove fun

Check the daily discounts and special offers available online. Opening hours are from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday-Sunday. Special packages are also available with your holiday tour package. Transportation may be available from your hotel on the Dolphin Cove buses. A souvenir CD is made of your swim and fun with the sea-creatures and offered at a price when you leave.

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