How to Lose Weight Fast


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Keeping your weight down is not just a matter of aesthetics. Hauling those extra pounds around can have a serious impact on your health, happiness, well-being, disease-risk, and longevity. So if your scales are telling you that you’re piling on the pounds, you need to lose weight fast!

Many lifestyle diseases and health complications have a direct link with obesity. Type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, certain types of cancers, liver, kidney and gallbladder disease and high blood-pressure are some of the major conditions that could arise from being obese. Issues like skin and hair problems, back and joint problems, ulcers, gallstones, and infertility are also closely connected with being over-weight. Depression, negative emotions, failed relationships, workplace issues or drug/alcohol dependency are also inter-linked with overweight.

It’s best to lose weight at a measured pace and this is also the best way to keep it off long-term. But there are times when you need to launch a full frontal attack for quick results! For instance, there’s an important social event, a personal milestone, a class reunion, a wedding/anniversary coming up, or you’re planning a special holiday – and you want to look your best. What you need is power-house, short-term strategy.


These are the easiest and most convenient ways to lose weight fast. Some of the diets that help melt down fat rapidly:

  • Juice or water diets
  • Detox diets, fasting diets,
  • Fruits/vegetables only
  • Cleansing Diets

Tried-and-tested plans like the Mediterranean, Paleolithic, Blood-group, zero-processed-food or raw-food diet are great too.


You need to have a plan/program. Never resort to crash-diets, skipping meals, diet-pills or appetite-suppressants. Figure out your food-triggers, eating habits, routines, and lifestyle. Select a diet that’s convenient, uncomplicated and doesn’t call for exotic ingredients.

Keep a food-journal, eat foods that fill you up, suppress appetite or release calories slowly, eat smart and avoid binging at restaurants and delis.


If you find it impossible to lose weight fast by mere calorie-counting, you probably need more drastic methods. Saunas, body wraps, colonic irrigation, liposuction, bariatric surgery, hormone injections, stomach-restrictive surgery, gastric bands or by-pass surgery etc are some of the available options. Remember, there are serious risks involved in surgical interventions. Select the treatment which is in sync with your health-profile and lifestyle.


This is probably the most effective, safe and long-term approach to weight-loss. However, if you need to lose weight fast, you need a good plan.

Some options are:





Boot-camp workouts

Gym with personal trainer


Targeted spot-reduction

Home Remedies

Lemon-juice, herbal teas, spices, reducing salt/sugar/fat etc are some natural weight-loss aids that are safe and effective.

Whatever method you pick to lose weight fast, ensure that it’s safe and appropriate for your body-type and lifestyle.

Keep your goals realistic and go for it!

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