How to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Arizona

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In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one faces criminal charges in the state of Arizona, it’s essential to immediately retain the best criminal lawyer in Arizona. The charges may range from white collar crimes to DUI, theft, assault, sexual offenses, murder etc. Legal/police terminology is difficult for the layperson to comprehend. You will definitely need a detailed explanation from a lawyer to understand the exact charges against you.

A good lawyer/firm has a solid research team working for them to assist in putting together the best defense. Many cases are settled out of court and may not proceed to trial. Hence, negotiation skills are important. However, in case of talks break down, the lawyer should be ready to take it to court.

Such events usually happen unexpectedly and there is a rush of emotion and hectic activity that follows. Under these circumstances, it’s almost impossible to quickly find the most effective legal assistance. Hence, keeping some basic tips in mind can ensure that you get the best possible defense.

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Step-by-Step Tips

  1. Consult: Many lawyers offer free consultations and don’t charge for legal opinions, regardless of whether you hire them or not. This will help you understand the nature and seriousness of the charges. The more serious the charges, the more you will need legal representation.
  2. Specialization: Some attorneys/law-firms specialize in certain types of criminal defense. Select one which has a successful track record in dealing with the specific charges you face.
  3. Experience: This is essential if the charges are serious. Ensure that the experienced lawyer represents you in negotiations/court rather than being assigned a junior in the firm. Both negotiation and courtroom experience is vital.
  4. Think local first: A local firm is more familiar with local courthouses, personnel, and practices and could do a better job than a large national law firm. However, if the case requires big guns on your side, go with a larger outfit.
  5. Trust your instincts: You must feel 100% comfortable with the firm/attorney. Sometimes even the best criminal lawyer in Arizona may not meet your personal expectations. Once you repose your trust in the firm/lawyer, don’t waver unless there is direct evidence that your case is not being handled right.
  6. Fees: Get a quote and compare similar law-firms/attorneys before you finalize. Some firms don’t charge fees, but instead, accept a percentage of the damages.
  7. References: Seek recommendations from family, trustworthy friends and co-workers who have enlisted this lawyer/law firm’s services before. Ask for references from former clients and documentary evidence of success in similar cases. Check their educational qualifications, the record of teaching or publication, standing in the legal community, affiliations, licenses, and ratings. It’s generally not a wise practice to hire a defense lawyer who has been a former prosecutor. Go through professional associations like Bar Associations, Legal Directories, the State Bar website etc. Don’t fall for slick advertising.

Keep these tips handy to enlist the best criminal lawyer in Arizona to protect your rights/interests and ensure the best outcome.

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