Factors Often Neglected by Homeowners During Home Insulation

It is no longer a debate that home insulation offers better energy efficiency. I am a home improvement consultant and often wondered with the plethora of insulation materials that are flooded in the market for the homeowners to choose from.  Despite the tall claims made by many of the manufacturers of the insulation materials, homeowners are not able to reap the full benefits of home insulation in the form of reduced energy bills.  When I analyzed the reason behind this I find the negligence of the homeowners in an installation of the insulation as one of the major root causes for inefficient insulation.

Certain factors have to be properly analyzed before installing the insulation at home. Whether you are insulating your attic, garage, basement or any area of the house you must get the guidance of professionals. There are several do-it-yourself insulation kits which can be quite messy but yet cost saving. Insulation of the home involves heavy investment and to make it a lifetime investment, homeowners must do a little homework and consider the following aspects to ensure an efficient home insulation, giving way for reduced power consumption.

Prepare the area

First, conduct an energy audit and find the areas where energy losses are possible. I have come across several of my clients who are completely ignorant of the energy audit and its significance.  Only through such audit, you will be able to focus on the areas that become a cause for energy loss. After identifying the areas it is required to ensure that the place is safe for work. Remove all the unwanted things from the area to provide free movement for the workers. Cluttering the area also makes it impossible for the workers to mix the chemicals effectively.

Estimate of the product

Insulation materials are often measured in terms of the room size. It is important to accurately measure the dimensions of the room. Quite often I have seen my clients being very accurate in their measurement and also in purchasing. Due to spillage, some quantity may be lost and then they end up with no stock of material and rush to the store for more. Such practices will affect the quality of the insulation. Never make rough calculations and always leave some space for contingency and keep stock of extra material.

Sealing utmost important

Before any insulation, it is essential to seal the area off any air leaks and cracks. Gaps if left unsealed may hamper the efficiency of the insulation. If you are doing the insulation make sure that you make use of the sealing materials to block the gaps and cracks.

Install vapor barrier

Homeowners consult me for moisture problems in home insulation Calgary. The problem lies in its installation. When you buy the materials for insulation there will be specific instruction given in its packaging like vapor barrier to be installed and so on. These should never be ignored as they will prevent moisture and related issues.

Apt R-value

R-value must be given priority in selecting the insulating materials. Resistance to air flow is the R-value and usually higher will be better quality. Though all the areas do not need high R-value, get the suggestion of a professional who can recommend the one that will suit your area and budget.

Best insulation contractors

Despite several do-it-yourself kits loaded in the market, it is still a wise idea to hire a professional to do the insulation. They will have the required expertise in the field which helps in selecting the apt material, perfect insulation, quality service and so on within the expected budget.

Author bio

The Author is an experienced home insulation professional with more than 3 decades of experience. He knows the Calgary Home Insulation and Attic Cat Insulation marketplace inside out. After having served homeowners and businesses for so many years, he spends more time providing consulting services and sharing his knowledge.

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