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Growing Herbs: Tips, Ideas and Ways for a Healthy Life

herbs garden

Herbs are plants that people have been using for ages now because of their magical effects. Growing herbs is a tradition that has been followed by every generation. The word herb is derived from a Latin word Herba which means grass, green stalks or blades. When the herbs are still young, ...

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Herbalism: The Ancient Beauty Secret of the Royalties

use of Herbalism

  Herbalism is a medicinal practice, but you cannot simply call it a branch of medicine. It is actually what has been passed on from one generation to another since the ancient times. Many people nowadays are using herbs in curing their diseases. Aside from the fact that herbs are ...

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Experience Relaxation with Herbal Incense


If you haven’t used herbal incense yet, there is a huge reason why you should give it a shot. Herbal incense is quite harmless and without much risk involve. This extensively popular product offers a variety of benefits without any hazard. Completely harmless, natural herbs and spices are combined in ...

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5 Ways We Can Make Our Elderly Happy

Elder Care

  It is indeed sad that most of us today become so busy that we tend to forget the precious relation we have with our elderly people. The fact that they are old and cannot be part of most of the things we do, we tend to isolate them. Some ...

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3 Commonly Asked Questions about Nutrition

Nutritional foods

Some misconceptions and confusions about nutrition encourage health-conscious people to ask questions. Thus, we have provided here the answers to the three commonly asked questions regarding nutrition. One of the most popular misconceptions is about carbohydrates. It has been a belief that carbohydrates cause obesity. Plenty of fruits and vegetables ...

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Top 5 Places to Go on Vacation in 2015


Seasoned travelers and newbie tourists all seek unique places to go on vacation. They’d rather stay away from the familiar routes and tourist traps. Today’s smart traveler prefers unusual experiences, great international cuisines, regional art and culture and getting to know the local traditions, customs and people. Let’s take a ...

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The Complete Ebola Dossier


People who have read Robin Cook’s 1987 novel Outbreak may find media reports about the Ebola virus rampaging through different parts of the world eerily familiar. Today, this is a very real, serious, public health problem. As new cases emerge globally, people are confused and ill-informed about this disease. Myths, ...

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How to Earn $100 Per Day with Google AdSense


Google AdSense With a staggering 3.5 billion (and still counting) searches being launched every day world wide by nearly 200 million users, Google is indeed the ultimate information power-house. Its reach has spread far and wide, circling the globe in a variety of languages and formats like Google + etc. ...

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Top 10 Tips to Get Free Books Online

Free Books

If you don’t know it already, here’s good news for avid readers. There are just so many free books available online that you can save yourself thousands of dollars by simply being in the right place at the right time! While looking for fiction, academic material, poetry, non-fiction, travelogues, history, ...

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How to Lose Weight Fast

Keep ownself Healthy

  Keeping your weight down is not just a matter of aesthetics. Hauling those extra pounds around can have a serious impact on your health, happiness, well-being, disease-risk and longevity. So if your scales are telling you that you’re piling on the pounds, you need to lose weight fast! Many ...

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