5 Ways We Can Make Our Elderly Happy


Elder Care

It is indeed sad that most of us today become so busy that we tend to forget the precious relation we have with our elderly people. The fact that they are old and cannot be part of most of the things we do, we tend to isolate them. Some of them end up going to old houses and some just stay at home in their beds. For them, life is not as colorful as it is for us. However, there are still ways we can make our elderly happy and give them something to cheer about even in the later stage of their lives.

  1. Take them out

Our grandmas or grandpas usually avoid going out as their body does not allow them to be out for long. As a result, they are not able to socialize as much as they would like to, thus ending up in the four walls of the house. Although it is true that they cannot be out for long, your moral support can help them be stronger and happy. Convince them to go out with you. If they can’t walk, arrange a wheel chair and take them around. Take them out for dinner or shopping. They might say no initially, but once they are out there, they would enjoy and love you for that.

  1. Bring stuff for them

Their bad health brings them down, thus they start feeling left out. They might feel that they don’t want anything in life anymore. Try to find out what they like—be it their favorite food, their favorite movie or a pet. Do your research and surprise them. Things like these can lift up their mood and can start to let them feel good about themselves.

  1. Visit them often

If your grandparents live in a far place, make sure to visit them often. If it is hard for you to do that every day, try to visit them at least twice a week. Sit with them, tell them your stories and listen to theirs. Take keen interest in whatever they are telling you. Show them that you care and that you want to spend time with them. There is no stronger drug for a human than another human being. Giving them time will definitely bring joy and happiness in their life.

  1. Encourage them to use Social Media

Social media is so advanced these days that you have the world in your fingertips. No matter where you are, you can connect with your friends. Encourage your grandparents to use social media and teach them how to use it. Help them find their old friends. Even if they are alone, they can indulge themselves in keeping track of their loved ones on social media.

  1. Give them Respect

Always remember the fact that our grandparents know life more than we do. They have been through every stage of life and are far more experienced than us. Give them respect by asking for their advice about your problems. Your trust can win their heart, and they can give you the most sincere advice ever.

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