3 Commonly Asked Questions about Nutrition



Some misconceptions and confusions about nutrition encourage health-conscious people to ask questions. Thus, we have provided here the answers to the three commonly asked questions regarding nutrition.

  1. One of the most popular misconceptions is about carbohydrates. It has been a belief that carbohydrates cause obesity. Plenty of fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates, which are actually good in maintaining weight. In fact, they are very healthy and help reduce the risk of developing many diseases, like cancer and heart diseases. Carbohydrates are also very good for your digestive system,which aids in managing your weight.


Carbohydrates also come in the form of grains. According to a study, it is proven that swiping refined grains from whole grains are good for the health. Some examples of whole grains are buckwheat, miller, oats, brown rice, pasta, popcorn, etc.However, in the USA, the consumption of vegetables and fruits is very low, and the grains are processed with added sugars, fat and salt. Some of its examples are pastries, cookies, etc.

Carbohydrates are not bad for our health, but it’s the source that makes it unhealthy. So better   take your carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables or with grains with no added sugar.

  1. Is skim milk healthy? Skim milk is being considered as sugar water. It is basically the substance that is left after the cream is extracted fromthe milk.


When the cream is removed fromthe milk,vitamins A and D were also taken away. Skim milk has all the nutrients that the whole milk has but without much fats and calories. Thus, when you are in a diet, skimmed milk is the recommended one.


According to many studies, the fat present inside a dairy product does not cause heart diseases. Another study proved that fats in dairy products aid in having a less body fat. How? The assumption is that fats in milk make you feel full, making you eat less. Another reason could be the presence of some substances in milk that activates the metabolism, thus fat doesn’t stay, as it is used as energy by the body.


  1. Another most commonly asked question is whether or not saturated fats are safe. Although we are told to avoid saturated fats as much as possible, there has not been a convincing research yet proving that the consumption of animal fat is bad for us. Further researches and debates are still needed for this particular concern. Nevertheless, as they say, everything that is too much is bad. So it’s always better to eat everything in moderation—be a food is considered healthy or unhealthy.

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